The Smartwhip Charging System

Charging your cream dispenser with Smartwhip takes only half the time compared to charging with traditional cream chragers.

The Innovative Whipped Cream Charger


When compared to a conventional cream charger, the unique whipped cream charger allows you to charge cream faster and with more Nitrous Oxide.

Sleek new aluminium tank made particularly for the USA in Germany
Italian culinary grade Nitrous Oxide that is 99.9% pure
640 grammes of nitrogen oxide GAS FOR YOUR BUCKS, MORE
complete dispoability and recycling
complies with all rules and regulations in Europe

Filling Hose

Used as a connector between the cream charger and the cream dispenser.

  • Easy-grip ending
  • Safe and durable


Along with the innovative cream dispenser is the custom Smartwhip adaptor used to convert any cream dispenser to be compatible with the Smartwhip cream charging process.

  • Easy click and pull-back method
  • Can be used with any cream dispenser
  • For a safer, secure, and faster way of charging your cream dispenser
  • Easily detachable for cleaning or replacing the cylinder